Can someone, please, please, please just tell me outright how to put what item on what symbol on dumbledore’s desk so I move on? I’m desperate here.
if anyone could tell me how to cast the counter curse, i’d be really grateful!

I’m a little unclear about exactly where you are.

If you are trying to get out of Dumbledore’s office right in the beginning of the game:

Those portraits could be important.

One of them can be talked to.

If you have collected some of the counter curse items:

[spoiler]You’ll need all of the items mentioned. You can just be carrying them when you enter the circle (or pentagram or whatever it is), and I believe you need a magic word to say.

It’s been a while since I played the game. It’s just most likely that you have more exploration to do and have more items to find.[/spoiler]

I have all the items, but where is this circle? Is it the one on his desk? How do you enter it? Does it have something to do with that locked door?

It’s the chalk circle that “encompasses most of the floor.” I see that in the latest version, you no longer can refer to the circle, though, so I imagine just being in the room is good enough now. So all you should need is all of your special items and your special word and you should be good to go.

If only I could find that special word! I’m stuck!

Ok, I looked at this very forum to refresh my memory. I think my last response was all wrong, in both where to place the items and whether or not you need a magic word (I probably got it confused with just about every other magic game).

In any case, reading this thread might help you out: