Move to a random room in a specified region

I’m trying to move the player to a random room in a region. For example, I have two regions: Indoors and Outdoors. One of the objects in my game will (hopefully) teleport the player to a random room in a region. I’ve been playing around with the ‘move the player to a random’ syntax and just cannot figure out the way to do this.

The closest I got was “move the player to Indoors;” which gives me “*** Run-time problem P19: Tried to move yourself (not a backdrop) to Indoors, which is a region.” when the action is triggered.

None of the examples in the documentation or recipe book seem to be helping. Could someone nudge me in the right direction?


This seems to work on a quick test; is it not working for you?

Instead of jumping: move the player to a random room in indoors.

Doh! :blush:

I swear I tried every combination but apparently I missed the use of ‘in’ before the region name.

Thank you! I knew it should have been easy!

I’ve done that before - “a random Indoors room” - it doesn’t work!

You can always define an adjective if you want:

Definition: a room is indoor rather than outdoor if it is in Indoors.