"Move Player To" vs "Now Player Is In"

Is there a difference between

> instead of going south in Kitchen:
> 	now player is in Living Room.


> instead of going south in Kitchen:
> 	move player to Living Room.


Section 8.9 in the manual says these are equivalent.

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Ooh I’d missed the move player option. That seems more intuitive for me to type than the other one that I’ve used before. Thanks for asking this question @MTW!


The one thing is that you can say “move player to Living Room, without printing a room description.”

I sort of suspect that this is the only reason that the “move… to” syntax is still around. Other alternatives to “now… is” such as “change… to” and “remove… from play” got deprecated and eliminated, but there’s no way use the “now” syntax to accomplish moving the player without printing the room description.