Move, Hide, Visibility, etc. what to use?

Hello Intfiction Community, this is my first post. I have a few questions regarding Dialog :slight_smile:

How to move an object #shard from an unreachable room #mist_room into the reachable room #bed_room?
How to hide an object completely from visibility and reachability and afterwards unhide the object and make it reachable.
What is the best practice to remove an object from game or a room? (#shard is nowhere; or move it to an unreachable room?)

Thank you in advance.


I would just say

(now)(#shard is #in #bed_room)

for the first.

For the second, I know there are good ways, but I use a ‘bad way’. I have a room called #Limbo, and I put stuff in there.


(room *)

(hide $object)
    (now)($object is #in #Limbo)

(restore $object)
    (current room $currentRoom)
    (now)($object is #in #$currentRoom)

In my current game, I actually save the room the object is in before I put it in Limbo, and then return it there when it comes out, but it’s a bit more complicated.

I don’t know what’s best practice, but I definitely send things to an unreachable room.

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Now I am using

(now) (#shard has parent #bed_room)

to spawn the shard.


(now) (#beer_bottle is nowhere)

to delete the shard from the game.