Move A Character by Player Input

[code]After reading a command:
follow the move player rules.

Move player rules is a rulebook.

A move player rule:
if the player’s command includes “West Shyn Market”:
move player to marketone.[/code]

This little piece of code works great and will fit my needs quite often but I get two different errors with it.
The first one happens just by typing the name of the destination: {I only understood you as far as wanting to go west}
The second one happens if the player types “go to west shyn market”: {you can’t see any such thing}
I recognize the second one as a common parser error but the following does not solve the issue.

Rule for printing a parser error when the player's command includes "go to west shyn market": say "".

After the move player rules are running, the game is still trying to process the player’s command as if it were a normal command. Try adding “reject the player’s command” under “move player to marketone” at the same level of indentation (though I’m not absolutely sure this will work in a rulebook that you call from within the after reading a command rules–you might have to convert your move player rules directly into after reading a command rules).


Converting to {An after reading a command rule:} works perfectly.