Motion in a Grid (I7)[SOLVED]

I am trying to make a system in which the player is in a grid. I have solved the grid by making a series of containers which represent sections of the rooms. My two issues are 1. A way to relate grid spaces with directions (similar to "the foyer is north of the drawbridge)

  1. A way to make players move through this grid (if the player is in the southeast corner and types ‘north’ he will be in the east side.)
    Any and all help will be appreciated.

Why not just use rooms?

I want people to interact with the things in the other grid spaces within the same room.

Rooms still might be the easiest answer. See 17.27 of the manual - “Deciding the scope of something”. It has some examples of how to make objects in other rooms accessible using the scope rules.

I will try. perhaps.