More Silly I7 Build Errors

Okay, what am i doing wrong here?

It looks like you’re running into the issue discussed here. The simplest solution is probably to make sure that you declare the trophy before the case, say by adding a line The trophy is a thing. early on.

I once ran into a similar (although not quite the same) problem. In my case, it was not a noun that had a name which was subsumed in a longer name for another noun, but rather an action whose name was a subset of the name of a noun.

Specifically, I tried to create an object called a “drinking straw.” I immediately ran into a bunch of errors; I’m not sure, but I think the problem flowed (no pun intended) from the fact that there is also a (built-in) action called drinking. I never bothered to run this down, since it was easier just to change the name of the object to “soda straw,” after which it compiled just fine.

I’m curious, however: does anybody know of a way to deal with this without having to use non-overlapping names?


Robert Rothman

Re-phrased like this it compiles:

A thing called the Trophy is in the Trophy Case.

You may still be in for disambiguation problems when playing the game, though.

There are some extensions that allow the game-parser to deal with this (Numbered Disambiguation Choices comes to mind), but most of the time, you have to fix it with bullheaded rigor. And sometimes name-changing.

[code]The case is a container. The printed name of the case is “trophy case”. Understand “trophy” as the trophy case.

Does the player mean taking the trophy case: It is very unlikely
Does the player mean inserting the trophy case into something: It is very unlikely
Does the player mean… etc[/code]
I’ve heard murmurings about wanting Inform to assign different properties to different synonyms for the same thing, but this is a very anti-I6 idea. Feel free to poke around uservoice for suggestions related to it.

One thing I’d like to see is a phrase similar to “the player’s command includes…” but for each specific noun - e.g. something like this:

Is the item described the trophy case when the noun phrase does not include "case": It is unlikely.