Monster idea for Kerkerkruip

I’ve been thinking there should be a Level 2 creature with a body power in Kerkerkruip. I’m not exactly sure what kind of creature this would be, maybe a herd animal (wooly mammoth?), but the power would be something like this:

Stampede: You go in a particular direction, as an attack. If you hit your opponent, all damage is reduced to zero but you and your opponent both travel to the room in that direction.

There are so many cool rooms in Kerkerkruip now, I’d like to see them get more action. Pushing your enemy into a room with a helpful piece of furniture or effect, or away from a third combatant, could be a really fun strategy.

Actually, that’s a pretty good idea!

This sounds cool. (Just so long as the player doesn’t get to choose the direction!)

What about also having it be possible for the enemy (and/or the player) to collide with items in the room? E.g., the broken columns in the columnated ruins, the forge in the weaponsmithee, etc.