I did read chapter 9.4 of the documentation but it didn’t help me. I want to have a currency called “gilgoms”, and the player may have 1-∞ gilgoms in his inventory. Works so far, I defined an object “MyMoney” and print the amount of gilgoms owned via “printed name”. And of course I fail when it comes to “give 5 gilgoms to NPC”. What do I have to do to implement a “proper” currency of which I can GIVE an amount away? Surrounding this by forcing the player to BUY something seems inappropriate to me. Thanks!

A few tries later I can reduce my problem to “How to use “give” with multiple objects?”, the multiple objects being 5 gilgoms.

If money can exist in large sums, you should treat it as an integer and define something like

Paying it to is an action applying to one number and one thing.

Yeah, Inform’s multiple-object implementation can be pretty fussy and high-maintenance, so I’d definitely use this approach over implementing each gilgom as its own object.