Monday downtime

(Old Admin) #1

I woke up to find that PHP and Perl were throwing “out of memory” errors. I have not yet figured out the cause, but it might be related to the database backup that happens at 3:30 AM CST. (I noticed that it was sitting at 0 bytes.) This used to happen frequently in the past, but cleared up on its own, so it might also be due to something else going on with my host or sites on the same virtual server. Anyway, sorry for that. When I’ve reported it to Spry before, they’ve been no help. I had to reboot the container to get it back up, but so far memory usage is very low, which is normal.


Thanks Merk. If it’s any help I noticed that the forum was returning “you can’t use search at this time” intermittently over the weekend, which IIRC can be a result of the forum not having enough ‘something’ available to do the work.