Modifying the final question to add "AGAIN"

Looking at trying to modify the RESTART, RESTORE, etc final question to also add “AGAIN” - or any other command for that matter. Can’t figure it out. It needs to go back and then process that command (and then end again, as it would happen when processing that command again).

Why re-do the same death command? Well, because numerous things can happen when you do, admittedly all ending in the endgame state again.

In this case, actually, the command is Listen. So the end question could either run an “again” command or a “listen” command, I don’t care which as long as it works.

Still very new to Inform 7.

I created this:

Table of Final Question Options (continued) final question wording only if victorious topic final response rule final response activity "LISTEN again" true "listen" immediately listen rule --

OK, so far so good, so then I guess I create the rule:

This is the immediately listen rule:

Which should somehow…I don’t know. This is where I’m stuck. Am I on the right track?

– Peter Nepstad

Does it matter what the player listens to?

The simplest case is:

This is the immediately listen rule:
	try listening.

I was worried that this might run into some unusual after-the-game-ends behavior, but it doesn’t seem to.

I love how simple that was. Thank you, that works perfectly.