Mock ebay/paypal interface

I have the computer object working in one way in my game right now, but I really think it’d add something to the game to have something like this instead…

How can I have an ebay (it being something that s part of the computer I guess) that can be searched for things? Either by implementing “search ebay for (any text)” or with a “search ebay” that enters a scene or something where the command prompt changes to “Search for >” and then whatever is typed having an effect? Maybe having it so that if you type “done” it goes back to normal? Since there is only one specific phrase that has to be searched for, how can I have it so that if they type that phrase it does one thing and if they type anything else they get a random message from a table (containing things like “Your search yielded over 5,000 results, please try again.” etc)?

Further, once the correct phrase has been searched for, how can I have it then ask for a username and then a password (found elsewhere in the game of course), where incorrect answers get a “Incorrect username or password” message and a stop to the action?

Sorry if this is too vague but I don’t even know where to start. :confused: At least some nudges in the right direction would help. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I figured it out, because I am Smart! :smiley: Lol.