Mock Computer Interface

Basically I’m thinking about have a computer interface inside an IF game I’m making. I’m thinking about making it similiar to AMFV’s various modes. What is the best way to do this? Or the right direction I should be pointed in? Because I’m thinking I may need to create an interface involving immobile NPCs, but I’m hoping that the large dialogue trees that might result aren’t the best solution.

Check this URL: … ists.tar.Z

It’s the (Inform 5?) source code to “Lists and Lists”, which has a mock computer interface. Maybe you can glean some ideas from it.

Can’t open file.
But I’m having the same basic problem.
I want to include a computer interface.
Check email.
Visit a few sites, maybe using a web address with the computer.
but i really have no idea how i should go about making that.
Any help would be really great.


If you can’t open that file SamReader you may not have an appropriate unzipper program. You can download something like 7-zip, it might help.

Take a look at this new extension, Computers. It might have what you need:

This link is awesome thank you.
Would I be allowed to use it or parts of it in code for a competition. (the jayisgames competition
I would be sure to give it mention in the credits.

Yes, you can use this or any other extension. All submitted extensions are considered to be released under a suitable license for just about any use. Inform will automatically attribute the extension, but you can also add your own note of appreciation if you like.


Hey, Sam, my game uses computers and is for that same comp! :smiley: First game as well.

That ‘computers’ extension looks interesting, but in my game all I want is really menu-based computers and ‘Computers’ looks a bit too complex for that!