Mobile interpreter with TTS & voice input?

Hi. I’m an old fan of Infocom games, who just installed JFrotz on my Android (Note) to reconnect with some old favorites.

Text input on small devices isn’t always easy, even with buttons for the more common commands. And, for that matter, the text is often too tiny to read, or (if large enough) scrolls off the small screen.

But since text adventures are… text, it should be possible to enable voice input and speech output.
That would make playing the games on my phone much easier - and possibly even more social (with other people in the room, at least, the way we used to crowd around one monitor)

Does such an app exist?
If not, is anyone interested in building one?
Unfortunately, I’m not a programmer, though I’d love to assist…

If you’re asking about mobile in general, my iOS IF framework is solid with voice input/output. (Although I haven’t started seriously re-testing on iOS7 yet.) The iOS Frotz interpreter supports it too. Activision’s “Lost Treasures of Infocom” iOS release, sadly, does not.

Android programming, I can’t help with.

You could try web interpreters, and the use the browser’s text to speech capabilities (if they exist.)

Hunky Punk Mod 0.5 now uses the standard Android input system so it supports voice/swype/etc
download available here: