Mobile Application Preferences

Hello. I am currently in the process of rolling out a mobile application for submitting and playing interactive fiction. IF is something I’ve always liked and been interested in, and I want to share that love of IF with others. It’s been approved by google play, so it’s already in the app store, though it will probably be a few weeks before it’s indexed in search.

I’m personally pretty new to the IF community as I’ve mainly played IF games, but recently started creating my own and I thought, “There needs to be a good mobile application for this.” I discovered there were some, but I wanted to add mine into the mix to give people another avenue to share their IF.

I guess my question is, what would you like to personally see in an ideal IF mobile application? What would you not like?

I’m not super picky. Just give me dark mode and user adjustable font sizes and I’ll be happy.

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Well, I play almost only in Android and Iphone devices.
I have played in all apps available. Between these apps I can remark Fabularium (Android) and Frotz (ios).
What are I looking for? A few things. Transcripts and Adrift games aren’t working fine in Fabularium. As a betatester I have to do some transcripts. Z-machine files works fine in Hunky punk. Glulx games works in Text fiction under Incant, but I cannot load savegames as interpreter crashes (Thunderword).
Other interpreters as Twisty, Zmpp, Jfrotz, xyzzy, audio IF… doesn’t work fine or doesn’t work at all.