Mixing kind of thing and kind of value.

I have to mix things in a container.
However, they are either of one kind of thing (because there have to be multiples of them) as well as liquids (defined as kind of value).
This works so far, but I want to stop the player from putting in other things, animals and so on.
I tried ifs and checks but inform doesn’t like that I have to deal with kind ofs instead of “real” things. Does anybody know how to deal with this situation?

Could you give your kind an adjective, like:

A solvent powder is a kind of thing. A solvent powder is usually mixable.

And then check that a thing is mixable before allowing it to be added to the mix?

I like the idea and how easy it is to adapt it. Sadly inform7 says that both your kind of thing as well as any of my variations was to generic for a specific adjective like mixable.

Can you post your code (or at least enough of it to show us what you’re trying to do)? It’s hard to help if we don’t know exactly what the problem is.

This works for me:

[code]Test room is a room.
A solvent powder is a kind of thing.
A salt is a kind of solvent powder.
A thing can be mixable. A solvent powder is mixable.

A rock is in Test room.

There are 10 salts in Test room.
Check taking:
If the noun is not mixable:
say “You only need mixable things.” instead.[/code]