Mistake in Docs, or Missing Context?

Looking into the usage of real numbers. Here’s what p. 15.2 says (slightly edited for brevity):

However, when I run a simple game (and yes, it’s compiled to Glulx), the command SHOWME 1.23456789 produces, not surprisingly:

Reading a few pages further on, I find no indication that a context (such as a Use option) needs to be included in order for this to work … it’s a mystery.

This chapter is not devoid of errors. On p. 15.6, I spotted this:

On the contrary, it should produce the smallest integer value greater than the real number given, as the examples in the next two lines immediately make clear.

And on p. 15.3:

The first example refers to code, not debugging commands (note the semicolons). Try this:

When play begins: showme 1.2345654321; showme 1.2345667890.
The other things are worth submitting a bug report.