Missing Competition Announcement?

I swear I read a post about a week ago announcing an upcoming mini comp that involved riting a game that incorporated random items generated from a website. Something like “You Are Carrying Comp,” that was to start sometime after Spring Thing. Entrants would have two weeks to write their games. I can’t find the original post. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?


The post was deleted; I’m not sure why.

That was me. Nobody seemed interested, and at least one person actively said they hated the idea, so I decided to delete the post and cancel the mini-comp.

Awww. I liked the idea and would be interested in participating. It’s just bad timing with ParserComp and Spring Thing and then ShuffleComp right around the corner. I vote for trying again later in the summer but before IFComp crunch time.

I was aiming for between Spring Thing and IntroComp, because I’m still waiting for an announcement on ShuffleComp.

On the one hand, it stinks that you had no interest. But I guess it’s nice that a big reason people aren’t participating is bad timing due to other popular conflicts. I hope this pops up again, too.

I had interest but just didn’t express it out loud. True, however, about the back-to-back (almost) comps that will happen this year. [emote]:)[/emote]

Because Spring Thing is starting earlier than it did last year, I was going to pull up all the dates for ShuffleComp but keep the coding, testing, and playing durations the same. I think, then, coding and testing should be done by the beginning of May. Would this help to encourage a “You are Carrying” Competition?


Sure. I guess there seems to be interest, and it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while. I’ll post again closer to the date, as I was aiming for June anyway.