Missing articles after declaring something a kind of thing

I’m new to Inform 7 and so far like it a lot. But there are some baffling things. This one is driving me nuts.

I’ve declared “a food item” as a kind of thing in my (now very long) source, like this:

A food item is a kind of thing. A food item is always edible. A food item can be eaten or uneaten. A food item is usually uneaten. The cabbage, large carrot and brown onion are food items.

But for some weird reason, items declared as food items appear in the game play without their indefinite articles, eg “On the brick barbecue is brown onion.” Anything I do to a food item means they show without their article.

I’ve checked other references in my source to food items and I can’t see anything which would do this, but if I extract the food item kind to an otherwise empty Inform 7 project, it works fine there so it must be something somewhere in my long source.

Any clues?

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Inform guesses if something needs articles or not depending on how you refer to it the very first time in the code. If you don’t use ‘a’ or ‘the’ before the first instance of the name, it assumes it is a proper name.

So you need to type:

The cabbage, the large carrot and the brown onion are food items.

If you want to set this directly without having inform guess, you can say The large carrot is improper-named.


Thanks so much, that was it!

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