Mirror of downloads on inform7.com?

I’ve just had to rebuild my Ubuntu laptop after a botched upgrade, and the link on inform7.com/download to the 32-bit Ubuntu version gives me a ‘page not found’ error. The 64-bit version exists, and so does the Debian version, but I can’t use those! The link is:


If anyone knows of a mirror of the downloads or has a copy on a website somewhere (or if I am doing something daft: you never know…) I’d appreciate the link to it.



I’m sorry I can’t help, but while looking into this I noticed that while the OSX and Windows sources and executables are at ifarchive.org, the Linux ones are not. Anyone know why the Linux maintainers haven’t uploaded to the archive? Or am I not looking hard enough?

Thanks for the heads-up. I completely forgot to check ifarchive.org but from what you’ve said it seems like I don’t need to!

You’re right, the FreeBSD port is there but nothing else *nix-y:


All the linux versions are available at SourceForge.net


Good luck :smiley:

I had no idea, thanks for that.

So on the grounds that the website should work, should we contact someone to let them know? And who? Sorry, I’ve not been here anywhere long enough to know.