minor fall MAJOR LIFT officially released!

I polished it some, made some minor edits and put it up, finally! Now I have a total of one release, hurrah.

It’s on IFDB and a version with music is on itch.io!



I’ve just played your “Minor Fall, Major Lift” and wanted to thank you for making such a nice little story. Lovely, elegant writing. I like the way that it’s of our world, but not precisely in it. I’m (as you no doubt intended) intrigued by the references to being a vesselite, and the Zakon, and I hope that you’ll write some more stories set in that world so that I can find out more about what’s going on.

Meanwhile, thanks again!

Update: I’ve just found and downloaded The bitter drop which is a visual novel. Unfortunately it says it needs to be opened by an application, and I’m clueless about which one it means (on Linux.)

Sorry that appreciation has so quickly turned to pleas for help.

That’s fandom, I guess. :blush:


So! That demo for The Bitter Drop is … out of date, and I’m suspecting that whatever janky electron nightmare I used to make it into a desktop app has stopped working. I’ve been chipping away at a proper graphical demo (the one that’s up is a text-only proof of concept thing) for a while and … it’ll be up sometime in the next 12 months, with any luck.

I really appreciate your kind words, though! I’m very glad you enjoyed my old ink game. :sunny: don’t really have a devlog or anything set up any more, but I’ll be sure to let IntFiction know when I release something next!

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