MIFE testing

[size=150]Hello, Interactive Fiction Community![/size]

I would like to present you my modest project: Materialistic Interactive Fiction Engine (MIFE).


MIFE was developed to be free tool for everyone who is interested in playing or / and creation of materialistic interactive fiction (MIF) games.

To put it simply, MIF implies higher level of interactivity, freedom, and playing in open world without rigid scenario. Aim of MIF is not leading player through ‘nodes’ of a story, but rather letting him/her do what he/she wants and just render it in text. Here is more info regarding MIF.


MIFE is a young beast, but it knows some tricks…

- MIFE is Domain Specific Language on top of powerful programming language Common Lisp;
- full sentence parser developed specially for text-based games;
- parser: support of anaphoric references (e.g. “take sword and kill them with it!”);
- parser: full support of numerals;
- parser: auto-correction of misspellings;
- flexible means of text-synthesis instead of old-school static paragraphs of text;
- built-in support of in-game time;
- detailed documentation regarding process of creation new games with MIFE;
- the engine is highly customizable on all levels.


For those of you who is interested in the engine, here are some links:

- GitHub repository (source code);
- Releases (MS Windows and Linux);
- Complete Manual.

Please try it out if you like, create your own games and tell me about your experience.

P.S. This is not announcement of a game, but I’ve been unable to find more appropriate section on the site for posting this.

Looks interesting mk, welcome to the forum. Regarding your postscript, I took the liberty of moving this topic to the tools subforum, I think it fits here.