MetaFilter is running an IF Competition

Did y’all know about this? I missed it. … on_Contest

I didn’t know about it. Only 4 days left… ah, well.

Oh man, this is pretty neat! Are IFs you were working on before the start date of the competition disqualified? because I’ve got a short incomplete Twine project I could finish up in a jiffy. (Sorry if they clear this up on the Competition page, I’m feeling a little groggy today.)

No one ever tells me about anything. I didn’t even know filters could BE meta.

We try to protect you from the world for your own good, Geoff.

Er, or maybe not, considering that you must donate $5 to MeFi to register, and I don’t have a PayPal account.

Or, scratch that, it appears that you only need to email the organizer to enter. Except I can’t find his email address anywhere? Is it only visible to MetaFilter users?