Merk's Review: Reconciling Mother

The “official” version can be found at my website:

5 hours 25 minutes? I am impressed. I only stuck it out for about an hour and twenty minutes before my mind shut down completely. I could tell there were huge swathes of game that I hadn’t seen, but I’d reached the winning “ending(s)” and I had a strong hunch that even if I saw every bit of text in the game, it wasn’t going to make any more sense than it already did.

But you’re right - it does have a wild charm of its own. Having read a few reviews of it and realising just how much I may have missed, I’m seriously tempted to go back and look around some more. But - no. Life is too short.

There’s really no big pay-off for seeing more of the game. I just couldn’t help it.

One thing I wondered about this game: why is the filename “theyknow.t3”? Do we know?

I think the author changed the name part-way through. There’s a bit at the beginning and in the blurb that actually points to an interesting story, where people you’ve just met seem to “know” who you are and what you’re doing.