Merk's Review: Beneath: a Transformation

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Pleeeeease don’t name names or allude to any upcoming games on my list, but are there any truly great games this year? I’m sure there must be. I’ve only gone through nine so far, but usually by this point – roughly a third of the way through the competition – I will have awarded a “9” or even a “10” to one. I’ve played one or two that are pretty good, and two or three that are fairly good, but nothing that really has me thinking this is a great year for the IFComp. So either I’m being too picky, or the best games are concentrated at some point lower in my list, or this is just a “down” year for the competition…

Hopefully I’ll come across something I can really rave about – like a rabid fanboy or something – soon. Try as I might to focus on the positive, my reviews continue to center around all that’s bad in each game. :frowning:

I can’t guarantee that you’ll feel the same way I did, but for what it’s worth, you’ve yet to get to any of my three favorites this year.

Well, just knowing somebody found three favorites is encouraging news! :slight_smile:

I saw that you had posted a wrap-up about your favorites, but I’m staying out until I’ve gone through the rest. If I thought I wouldn’t have time to get through them all, I’d check it. But I think I will, this year.

Strictly speaking, every game in the comp could be a total stinker but if three of them stank slightly less than the others, you could still claim they’re your three favourites.

Always we look on the bright side…

I enjoyed my favorites quite a lot. None made the top of my skull lift off in awe at the tremendous revolution they brought to the medium of IF, but they were well-made and lots of fun.

I’ve never played a game that has made the top of my skull lift off in awe, but a few have made me wish I had a time machine so I could back to when the writer was writing the game, swipe all their ideas, and put them in one of my games. Which is about the same thing.