I have read about Menutalk by Guilherme De Sousa. Sounds like it could be useful for me. I that still a thing? Are there any online resources about it and how it works? Or are there alternatives?

I’m not aware of additional documentation for Menutalk beyond the source code (and the included example game’s source code). Note that Menutalk is for TADS 2 – I’m not sure how much you would have to change if you’re using TADS 3.

For TADS 3, I’d recommend to take a look at Søren Løvborg’s Conversation Menu Module and at Greg Boettcher’s QTalk (ifarchive zip).

Another alternative could be to check out Eric Eve’s SayQuery extension (ifarchive zip), which is not a menu system, but works with enumerated and hyperlinked topic suggestions, like this:


Thanks a lot for pointing out the two TADS3 alternatives, that’s exactly what I’ll be looking at now!