Menus v2 and Basic Help Menu v2

I want these extensions to be in the world before xmas, so here’s Menus version 2 and the accompanying Basic Help Menu version 2. (Last time I submitted extensions to I7 extensions they did not appear for 6 weeks). You can temporarily get these from my webspace:

WHAT’S NEW IN VERSION 2: A player can toggle Screen Reader mode which optimises the menu formatting for screen readers… Book Mode now displays an introduction to Book Mode the first time it is activated during any game… For authors, the extension instructions and requirements for formatting tables have been revised since version 1 with the goal of reducing the number of empty entries and unused columns the author has to maintain. Menu systems created with version 1 of Menus will run fine in version 2. However, a menu system created using the version 2 instructions won’t necessarily run in version 1.

  1. Menus
    Version 2/131208

“Lets you include a menu system of help, hints and/or other information in your Glulx or Z-Code project. This is an upgrade of Emily Short’s Menus extension featuring user-friendly single keypress controls and a more sophisticated UI. It also has configurable options, a book mode with automatic pagination, isolated message content to make translation to other languages easier and a Screen Reader mode. Old Menus format tables can be upgraded for use with this extension with a little work.”

  1. Basic Help Menu
    Version 2/131208

“Provides a HELP command in your Glulx or Z-Code project which brings up a menu giving some standard instructions about IF. This is an update of Emily Short’s Basic Help Menu extension to make it compatible with Wade Clarke’s Menus. Requires Menus Version 2/131208 by Wade Clarke to run.”

Very cool stuff. I like the screen reader update.

Also, considering your remark about six weeks, I see there’s the Friends of I7 Github resource. Why doesn’t everyone just use that? It seems like it would be a much better option, given that it is more actively community supported. Plus it would allow others to make changes and pull requests if extensions are found to be bugged.

Nice job, looks very impressive!