Menus v2 and Basic Help Menu v2 now on the extensions site

There’s been a 5 month delay in my Menus extensions going to the I7 extensions website, but they’re there now:

  1. Menus
    Version 2/131208

“Lets you include a menu system of help, hints and/or other information in your Glulx or Z-Code project. This is an upgrade of Emily Short’s Menus extension featuring user-friendly single keypress controls and a more sophisticated UI. It also has configurable options, a book mode with automatic pagination, isolated message content to make translation to other languages easier and a Screen Reader mode. Old Menus format tables can be upgraded for use with this extension with a little work.”

  1. Basic Help Menu
    Version 2/131208

“Provides a HELP command in your Glulx or Z-Code project which brings up a menu giving some standard instructions about IF. This is an update of Emily Short’s Basic Help Menu extension to make it compatible with Wade Clarke’s Menus. Requires Menus Version 2/131208 by Wade Clarke to run.”


Cool! No doubt the next step will be to update it once the Inform7 release is out. :wink:

Just wanted to say thanks! This is a very well documented extension and it’s improved my WIP immensely!

Thanks guys.

It’s a shame about the delay on it getting onto the extensions site. Potentially it could have been getting more use over this year, but having it appear publicly on that site a day or two before the new Inform 7 (which is likely to break it in its current form) has obviously been bad luck. I don’t think I’ll have time to upgrade and test for the new I7 for awhile. But at least the version for 6G60 is now in a very good and stable place.


Hey Wade!

I found a slight (actually Andrew Schultz found it while beta testing a project for me) glitch in the menu extension. If the entries get to letter H you cannot select it since that’s a command to reveal a hint.

I’ve worked around it so no hurry but you might want to check it out.

Let me know if you want to see the code where this happens.

Andrew = total betatester.

Wade - as far as I can tell, the only fixes required for 6L02 compatibility is to change ‘consider’ phrases with ‘follow’.