Menus 3 for Inform 6L38/6L02

I’ve repaired my Menus extension for the new Inform and upgraded it to version 3 with a couple of other bug fixes.

Info and files here: … ion-3.html


Yay, I’m glad you got it fixed.

It’s been a while since I looked at your extension in detail. It uses a fairly different “api” than Emily’s (/mine), doesn’t it? I wonder if we could ever somehow merge our extensions together.

Can we use letter H now? :slight_smile:

Hanon: All CPU power is now devoted to checking whether someone pressed H.

Dannii: Thanks. My extension still has a few of the same tables as Emily’s, but the table structure supporting the author content had to be changed to accommodate being scanned for pagination.


The accessibility discussion in another thread reminded me–do you have plans to add this extension to the public library? Right now the only menu extension in the public library is the built-in one. I suspect more people would use yours if they knew it existed, and knew it was more screenreader-friendly than the built-in one.

Hi bg. Yes, I’ve just been starting to think about that after playing some games in the comp which had the old Menus. Because it’s such a fundamental extension, I think they (they? the council of wise old Inform-makers? Emily Short who wrote the original one?) may be cautious. But it’s certainly time for me to ask someone about this.


Getting it into the PL will be fine, and I actually want to polish up my Menus extension as an update for Emily’s.

In my email I suggested mine could be a replacement for hers in the long run. What I mean is - I wrote Emily Short before you posted. I didn’t know you were thinking the same thing with yours. Anyway, this doesn’t all have to be sorted out immediately.

  • Wade

It looks like yours uses Flexible Windows–is FW going in the public library too?

(This is not really related to Wade’s extension at all…I was just curious!)

Wade, I intended for mine to be a replacement and kept the API the same. It should be almost a drop-in replacement, I just need to add a few more things in and write the documentation. Yours is much more powerful and correspondingly, has a different API. So it would make sense for it to exist along aside the simpler Menus extensions. But maybe there could also be more things we could add from yours into mine?

bg, FW is optional, it will still work on the Z-Machine. And eventually FW will be in the PL too. Again I still have to write the docs :wink:

Ah, I get it. Maybe shoot Emily an email saying that? Actually, I think my original email might not have got there, if she’s not at mindspring anymore.


I emailed her maybe a year and a half ago. As you said, there’s no need to sort it out now. I have my somewhat secret project to work on… :wink:

Well, I meant we don’t need to sort the details. But I want to get my extension in now! If I have to play one more game with that cursory menu or which freezes on the ipad, I’ll scream!


Which games are you playing that freeze on iFrotz? I thought that bug had been ironed out completely. It’s been ages since I saw it.

Well, with the exception of games that print way too much text on the status bar (which happens in some menus). That’s been reported, though.

TBH I’m a little fuzzy on the state of things. But I thought someone not-me (probably Dannii, in fact) had taken over all of the Glulx screen-managing extensions, including Menus. I’m more than happy to have something more accessible subbed in if the existing material is not working on mobile devices and screen readers – but I also think I’m not the gatekeeper any more…?

Dannii, I don’t know if you’ve played with Wade’s but it has a screen reader mode that prints everything (including the instructions, like Esc to quit the menu) in the main window so the player doesn’t have to navigate between the status line and the main window. That seems like it’d be worth having even in the most basic version of Menus in the public library. I think that mode also prints the options with a period at the end of each entry, so the inflection of the screenreader will separate them.

Wade, well you should definitely submit yours as soon as you think it’s ready.

Emily, yeah I’m happy to maintain all the extensions.

Going forward I’d be happy for contributions from anyone for the built-in extensions, but if possible changes should be either backwards compatible or easy to migrate to.