I want to create a menu battle system that should look something like this:


Current actions: 1. Attack
…2. Magic
…3. Items ect

Ignore the dots it won’t make spaces :angry:

Problem is I’m not sure how to create a numbered system like this. Does anyone know a simple way to make a menu that would look like this?

You could use the Simple Chat extension.

Michael Martin’s Quip-based Conversation is perhaps preferable over Simple Chat, as you can organise the responses and deliver sub-menus more clearly, using tables. But don’t take my word for it: compare the examples in the different extensions’ documentation.

Yeah, Simple Chat puts everything in rules rather than putting some of the stuff in tables. I’d guess that Quip-based Conversation is cleaner if you’re mostly just printing text and turning nodes on and off, and Simple Chat is cleaner if you are doing more complicated things. But either extension would be perfectly serviceable.

(Note: I haven’t used Quip-based Conversation, so I’m just basing myself on a quick look at the example.)

Quick question with little to do with the original. Is there away to change the colour of all printed text in a game?

If your game is z5 or z8, Basic Screen Effects by Emily Short is your friend. If Glulx, then Glulx Text Effects by Emily Short is what you want.

Text effects more-or-less does what I want. But I have to do all the text manually. It says I can edit italic-style
but that doesn’t cover the entire game as far as I can see.

Also could someone explain to me why a window in my game (created using flexible windows) won’t change colour and is always black here’s the code:

attle-window is a text-grid g-window spawned by main-window. The position of the battle-window is g-placeleft. The scale method of the battle-window is g-fixed-size. The measurement of the battle-window is 30.

When play begins:
open up the battle-window;
position the cursor in battle-window at row 2 column 1.

The battle-window has back-colour g-red.

Window-drawing rule for the battle-window:
move focus to battle-window, clearing the window;
say “[battle menu]”;
return to main screen.

To say battle menu:
say “[line break][line break]Current Actions: Attack.”

The battle-window has back-colour g-red.

Every turn when the battle-window is g-present: follow the window-drawing rules for the battle-window.