Menu displaying at the bottom of the screen in Gargoyle

I created a menu using the Menus extension, and in Gargoyle, the menu options are displayed at the bottom of the screen. This looks a little odd when the menu instructions are way at the top. Is there a way to avoid this?

The menu instructions appear in the status window.

You’d have to rig it up so that when the menus launch, you close the current status window and re-open it on top. And then reverse that when the menus exit.

Alternatively, you could keep three windows open – the regular status window on top and your extra window on the bottom.

This happens because Gargoyle starts scrolling text from the bottom of the window, rather than the top. (You might notice a similar effect when the game first starts, if you have less than a page of text.)

AFAIK there’s no easy workaround. You’d have to monkey around with multiple Glk windows (like Zarf is describing, although I don’t quite understand his suggestion), or find out the height of the interpreter somehow and use line breaks to force the menu to scroll up.

Thank you!