Menu-based Conversations

Just wondering if there was any way to do this? I took a look through the extensions and there doesn’t seem to be one that suits my purpose. I just want the player to be able to select what they want to say, like old RPG’s used to do:


I’ve tried using Eric Eve’s Conversation Package, but I find it overly complicated. And the standard “ask [person] about [topic]” feels a bit archaic to me. I want to simplify conversations by just providing a menu of things they can say.

Anyone know how I should start to tackle this?

Maybe this, … index.html.

Ah, I didn’t notice that simple chat extenstion, perhaps that will suit my purposes.

I’ve tried Simple Chat and I wasn’t all that happy with it. It holds up the turn sequence during conversation and you have to explicitly exit chat mode before entering any other commands. I also think it overuses Instead rules to get things done, which makes writing for it a bit wordy. I haven’t looked at Quip-Based Conversation, but I would recommend giving it an evaluation if you think either of those drawbacks would cause problems for you.