Memory stack is exhausted?


I was playing through part of the game I’m working on, and every time I try to take a particular thing I trigger a fatal glulxe error. It says that the memory stack is exhausted and I get this - “Glulxe fatal error: Stack overflow in function call”. It was functioning just fine before, and it happens regardless of what I’ve done in the game before this point. Could someone tell me what I may have done to cause this and how I might fix it?


There are other people here who are probably much more capable of helping you, but the first thing that comes to my mind is that your game goes into an infinite loop. Are you perhaps making a check in the code triggered by this action that calls itself and hence keeps repeating?


I don’t think so? I’m looking through my code, and I’m not seeing how something like that could’ve happened. And the only new code I’ve written for this particular thing since it was working fine was a line in a scene change moving it nowhere later in the game. And performing that action on other things in the game doesn’t cause any problems. It’s just taking the rooster.


Or playing the rooster.


Does the game work well if you remove this last change? If so, it must be caused by it, however innocuous it seems. Perhaps you can post it, with some surrounding code?


Okay, I got it. It was looping. I turned on the actions listing, and there was something happening that I didn’t realize was happening.
Oops. Thank you. :slight_smile:


Glad to have been of assistance. If only in a minimal way. :wink: