Melbourne IF panel RSVPs requested


IF-ers are taking over* the Brimbank Writers and Readers Festival in Melbourne for a 1.5-hour panel on various forms of participatory storytelling, as coordinated by Phil Minchin, who loves telling new people about the wonders of IF. And yes, I’ll be representing choice-based IF to the best of my ability.

It’s a whole proper literary festival, and they like to have a rough idea of numbers, so please indicate if you’re coming at … rytelling/

(Yes, this is the same day and the same building where I’m hosting a get-together for all Australian IF readers and writers. Various interstate flights are now booked, and there’ll be a mix of everyone from curious novelists to Tin Man Games employees.)

*participating in

I’m afraid I’m definitely not going to be making it! Too many other calls on my money/annual leave in the next year. But hopefully we can have more Australian IF get-togethers in future, and I’ll be able to get over to one!

Yeah, unfortunately — same things Emerald said but for me as well.

  • Wade