Mechanica lab, early in the game

It’s been a LONG time since I have played IF, and I hope that this is just a problem getting used to the way the game deals with my attempts to give instructions. In any event, I seem to be stuck here close to the beginning. There is mold on a door in the mechanica lab, and I believe that I have a ritual to deal with it: Fungicide Synthesis. However, my efforts to obtain a sample of the mold have been met with failure.
Otherwise, I have simply fallen prey to the common adventure game problem of not knowing what to do next!

I hope that I can “get the game” because so far, I’ve enjoyed it.


Yeah, that stumped me for a while, too, because of the way the ritual is written. You don’t actually need a sample of the door mold. The ritual will work with any fungus, and you should already have found one.

This is also a good indication of how scientific alchemy works in the HL universe.

If you still need an explicit explanation,

use the mushroom you found in the Chymic Lab.

I’ll be around on and off the rest of the day if you find yourself stumped or stuck again.

Thanks! In the future, I will read the rituals more carefully and try to be a bit more open about the solution to a puzzle. I had made a false assumption about what was meant and just could not get my thinking off the wrong track.

Easy to do in IF.

Yeah. You’ll soon find that the rituals are written in slightly flowery language and often describe objects in different words than the game world uses. So don’t hesitate to try things that sound like they’re close but maybe not quite it — frequently, that is it.