Meanwhile is up on Steam

People may remember that in 2011, I implemented Jason Shiga’s CYOA comic Meanwhile for iOS.

I have finally gotten the thing ported to desktop OSes (Mac/Win/Linux)! It is now available for sale on Steam and Itch.IO.

Announcement: … steam.html
Game home page:
Steam: … omic_Book/

On Steam, we have some extra DLC options:

The first is Meanwhile poster art. This is a giant JPEG of Meanwhile, laid out just like the app. It’s 8640x8640 pixels, so if you print this at 150 dpi, it will be nearly five feet square. (A PNG file is also included, same size.)

The second DLC item is The Case of the Missing Science Project, a new(ish) Shiga interactive mini-comic. This was published a couple of years ago in a kids’ comic anthology (Comics Squad: Lunch!) But most people haven’t seen it.

Note: The Case of the Missing Science Project is a downloadable PDF file, not a computer-playable comic like Meanwhile. You print it out, fold, and staple. (The fold-and-staple part is important, you can’t just browse the PDF. The comic only makes sense in pages.)