Me talking in Paris Thursday

I’m giving a talk on uses of interactivity in Paris at 2:30 PM on Thursday (details here – I’m still sorting out why they’ve used a screenshot of Witch’s Yarn there): it’s free and open to the public, if anyone cares to join. (I would have mentioned this sooner, but I actually didn’t know until just now that I was allowed to invite people.)

Because the venue isn’t game- or interaction-specific, I’m going to be doing a high-level overview of a number of aspects of interaction, with examples both from IF and from a range of other places.

If you do have time and feel like dropping by, I’d of course be happy to meet any Parisian IF enthusiasts.

That sounds very cool! Would have loved to meet, since I don’t live too far, but i’m away for work all week :confused:
I posted on our forum, but we are actually very few to live in Paris, and it’s a weekday… But fingers crossed, and if it doesn’t work out this time, surely it will next time :slight_smile:

Oh, and will the talk be in French? :wink:

No, they are letting me speak in English – trust me that you would not want to hear me attempt a whole lecture in French!


Okay, maybe you would. But only from dark and sadistic motives.