Maze - Multiple Rooms, Same Name

Alright. I’m working on a game with a maze in it. I want it to really be confusing and have the room name pop up the same as long as they are inside the maze. Such as, Maze Room #1 is the name of the room inside the code, however, in the game, it should show up as Maze. Do I need to write some kind of switch so that when they enter the maze, the room name on the status bar stays the same and when they leave, it goes back to being normal, or is there an extension that I can use for this?

Which development system are you using? Inform 7?

(Technical questions like this one should really be posted on the board for the development system you’re using; so if you’re using Inform 7, you should post questions like these on the Inform Development board.)

It’s possible to do what you want in pretty much every development system but please, please reconsider making a maze. Everybody hates mazes. Especially confusing ones.