May Off-Topic Video Games Discussion (Zelda poll added to OP)

Me too. It’s definitely going to be weird if I decide to replay BotW any time soon! Tears of the Kingdom really added and changed a lot.


Zelda post: It finally happened! I scraped up enough cash to buy the rito armor!

Self portrait


At the very end of May, I’m proud to announce that I finally fired up Roadwarden. I was going to do a short exploratory session yesterday night and ended up having to rip myself away from the screen two hours later.

Man this draws me in!


I noticed Rogue Legacy 2 is now out for MacOS. Unfortunately for some reason it doesn’t have the spark of the original game. I’m not clear as to why.


Thanks for mentioning it. I looked it up and it seems to be really great.


I didn’t realize this had a free demo! I’ll check it out.

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The System Shock remake released yesterday (PC version only)! I wonder if I’ll get my physical goodies soon?

  • Big Box Collector’s Edition:
    → Soundtrack
    → Tri-Optimum Handbook
    → Tri-Optimum Crew Patch
    → Tri-Optimum Crew Pin
    → Repair-Bot Figurine
    → Steel DVD Case with the Game (PC)
  • Cyborg Enforcer Forum Badge
  • Cyborg Enforcer Credit In The Game
  • Exclusive Access to Developer Forums

You will also Receive:

  • Digital Collector’s Edition (Choice of Supported Platform)
  • Exclusive Access to Closed Beta (Steam)
  • Digital Copies of:
    → System Shock Enhanced (2015) (PC)
    → System Shock 2 (1999) (PC)

Haha, what a big spender I was back then.

If you’ve played it or are going to play it, I’d love to hear about it.


Yeah, worth trying the demo before you buy. Most people seem to love it so you’ll probably be fine, but I bounced off it so hard I didn’t even make it all the way through the demo, and was glad I hadn’t bought it without checking…


If you don’t mind, what didn’t you like about it? I got pretty annoyed as a backer years ago, and decided not to look at it until I had my copy. I’m completely in the dark about it.

I think Josh’s comment was about Wanderlust, not the System Shock remake – the reviews of the latter look pretty good so far so I’m guessing if you liked the original Shock seems like they landed the plane OK despite those early wobbles.

Edit: Roadwarden, not Wanderlust, duh!


Ah, yeah, I see now that he was replying to that post. I just have System Shock on the brain!


Roadwarden, no?


What is my brain! Yes, turns out I am also confused (I think I’ve persistently been mixing those two games up now that I think about it, even though they have little in common).


Ooops, sorry, should have said Roadwarden. And nothing too bad. Mostly the text was consistently clunky and the word choices was odd so I was constantly gritting my teeth and going “hire an editor already!” The art was kinda amateurish. If you look around you can find that he started completely from scratch, and he went on forums and asked for advice and you can see that he improved drastically, but the composition is still clunky and the drawings were often mismatched with the text description in ways that I found confusing and annoying. And the choice design wasn’t bad, but it felt a little haphazard and was occasionally tedious.

I dashed off a bunch of random editing thoughts about the first passage of the demo back in December when I tried it. Off-the-cuff so they’re a little sloppy, but those are generally the kinds of things it kept doing that bugged me.

And again, from the reception the game has gotten, these are obviously not things that bother most people: I’m just being picky.


Having spent some time with it, I can see how it might be a divisive title. I did have some weird display issues with it; the screen would flicker or tear during play. Not while in the settings menu, though. This only happened during play.

I had to configure the app for “high video performance” within Windows.

I set the fonts to “pixel” and enjoyed the look. I think it’s pretty charming, visually. Still, Josh’s criticisms of the writing are fair, even if I didn’t mind as much.


I read your editing thoughts and I recognize all of them. And I agree with most of them.

But the issues raised are relatively minor in my view.

This is another of those times where our sensitivities differ. We see the same things but judge them differently.

You’re right about the clunky writing. I too have reached out to the author telepathically to say “Get an editor already!” on occasion. But the game more than redeems itself with the characters and especially the conversations.

I love the artwork personally. The gritty images and the colour scheme fit the mood very well. I do think the characters could use a personalised picture.

Every now and then, I feel like I have to choose between an obviously “good” or “bad” option. Mostly though, the choices feel natural to the story and in-character (with a good balance between the premise of the Roadwarden-character and the personalisation I’m adding as I go along).

I like it so far.

EDIT: Oh, about “the horse”. Maybe it should have been “your horse”. But anything more would get in the way of choices further along the narrative about how you treat the horse. Important for how you choose to fill in your character, and hopefully of consequence later in the game. (Treating it as a friend and ally would make it defend you in a tight spot, or getting too attached would hinder you when the poor thing gets hurt,… At least, these are some of the what-ifs going through my mind concerning “the horse”)