Maximum score - hopefully simple question?

Hi all,

I’m trying to implement scoring for picking up certain treasures in my game. I’ve started off my source code with:

Use Scoring.

Maximum score is 4.

However, in the status bar at the top it appears as 0/1 when play begins and 4/2 when all four treasures are collected. How do I make it so it’s showing 0/4 at the start and then 1/4, etc, all the way up to 4/4?

You might have better luck at which has a section for Squiffy.

I’m not sure what Squiffy is… I’m writing in Inform 7?

Your status line is probably showing score / turn count, which is the default once you turn scoring on.

You can change the status line with something like this:

When play begins:
	now the right hand status line is "[score] / [maximum score]";
	say "Starting game text."

(More info and further example are in the Inform documentation, Chapter 8.3: Changing the Status Line.)


@R2T1 Did you mean to post that on this thread instead?


Actually, I was going to give the same reply to both, but couldn’t find the one you linked again. I thought this looked like JS which is predominently what SQUIFFY is. Never mind. Perhaps it may help someone down the track to find alternatives.

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