Mathbrush IFDB reviews IFComp 2022 (Done reviewing)

From @mathbrush 's IFDB-review:

I think this is already a good game, but I think with a few tweaks it could become a great game. Maybe there could be a post-comp release with a bit more things written in?

I wholeheartedly agree. Glad you want to put in the extra effort to push Crash even higher.


Thanks for the review @mathbrush ! Also yay, now I have a review on ifdb :slight_smile:

The missing of the ‘it’ pronoun was already reported during beta testing, but I did not want to risk breaking the game by adding it hastily. I already implemented it during October and will be added as a post comp update to benefit future players. I find it to be too big of a change to allow myself adding it during the comp.


Another batch of 10 is up; I’m mostly focusing on games with few reviews first, then longer games.

Hey @mathbrush - I’m the author of Graveyard Strolls and saw your review. Just want to touch upon something - when you mention there isn’t any branching and that there are 3-4 screens, that isn’t true. There should be four characters/beats you can encounter Hank, Xenhortio, Dog, Mother and there are about 13 different endings you can encounter, many with pseudo-save points where you can backtrack to a certain choice that affects the narrative in some way. I can help you out if you missed something, but the game really isn’t what you characterize it as in your review.


I’m glad you contacted me then! My apologies for seeing it incorrectly. Do you have a little guide I could look at to see more? I’d be happy to revise my review based on the new information.

Edit: The only character I met was mother. In one ending, I never went to the graveyard. In another, I I died after I think Mother scratched me? In the third, I heard mother’s voice but then left and I felt like things would have been different if I had stayed. I thought I had tried every possibility of links after I had seen those three.

Editedit: Okay, I see what happened; looking back, I must have found the 2 early endings (not 3, I think) and just assumed that was the whole game. I’ll go back and replay!

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Not a problem - I’ve just uploaded a walkthrough file to the IFComp site but here it is for convenience:
graveyardstrolls_importantbranches.txt (1.9 KB)

I’m writing this as you’ve updated your reply so I think you’ve figured it out! The endings you got to were early enough to where I felt I didn’t need to include the save points. That’s something I could change though. In any case, thanks so much for understanding and playing it again! Looking forward to your updated review.


Okay, I revised it. I’m glad they changed the rules so that authors can respond to reviews now, because I had seriously misunderstood the game and missed 20% of its content. Thanks again for the feedback!


I’ve put up 10 more; there are some truly fun games in this competition.

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Thanks for the review, and thanks for helping shape the game. I appreciate all the input. :slight_smile:

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I can take a crack at it if you’d like!

I think the Hidden King’s Tomb link goes to the wrong game?

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Thanks, I fixed it!

Thanks for the review of YMNE! What you wrote really means a lot, so thank you for that, too.


Another 10 games are up!

Cannelé & Nomnom was fun, but it is unfinished and the author has asked for us to post our theories, and they might be incorporated into the final chapter.

My idea board broke by the end of the game because I save and restored over many days, and so I lost most of my post-it notes.

But here are my ideas right now for who the protagonist is, what their powers are and what happened:

The powers seem to enhance any liquid they consume. This explains the agitation from the coffee, the drunkenness from the cannelé, and the fact that the protagonist forget everything from the ‘special drinks’.

That all seems pretty clear. But who the protagonist is is more confusing, as well as stuff with nomnom and cannele. So I’m going to go off wild. The policeman tries to avoid the protagonist. I wonder if the protagonist was someone who was an informant for or undercover cop for the police, and was on the verge of exposing corruption in the police, and was starting to feed information to Nomnom and Cannele. When they were going to meet, that policeman, the MC’s handler, caught them and drugged everyone with the amnesia potion to protect himself from being exposed. Fortunately for him, this resulted in the MC’s complete loss of knowledge. Cannele and Nomnom never met him in person before that night, so they don’t recognize him after the mind-wipe, and they’re so dumb they don’t realize he’s the informant they’ve been talking to this whole time (cannele’s power doesn’t reveal it because their power relies on surrounding people’s knowledge and the MC doesn’t know who he is, or maybe the power worked yesterday but became wiped. An alternative is that the MC worked with them a ton and they all get mega mind-wiped, with the twins having to re-name each other and forgetting geography and how to take care of hair.

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10 more reviews are up, and 2 other games I’m passing on for content warnings, so only 9 to go!


Nice work! I admit, I thought this year since I had a one week head start I might beat you to the post, but it was not to be :slight_smile:

BTW, re Witchfinder: to solve the second puzzle, you need to buy a candle before you talk to the old man at the esplanade - that way he’ll recognize you as a witch. If you don’t, you’re locked out of the puzzle when he leaves; I think the game ends when you’ve accomplished everything you can, rather than being on a timer.


I think it helps that I write reviews that are half the size of yours!

Thanks for the tip!


And that’s it, I’ve finished all the reviews I plan on doing for this comp.

Two games I reviewed but didn’t finish are The Only Possible Prom Dress and Lost Coastlines (although I did get one nice ending to the latter), both of which I plan on playing more over the next month or so.

Glad to take a break now, would be a shame if people release a bunch of Ectocomp games and had to start all over again…


Thanks for all of your reviews! I enjoyed reading them. I appreciate your excitable curiosity and wide ranging, open minded interest in whatever comes you way. :slight_smile: