Matching player's command to spacebar

This is tricky because the parser does some processing before the “reading a command” activity. It parses the command into words; if there are no words, it generates the “I beg your pardon” message and starts over without reaching the “reading a command” activity.

This is usually what one wants, but for your question it’s a nuisance.

You have to put your message in the “I beg your pardon” parser error. But this requires a bit of I6 code, because the “player’s command” snippet has spaces trimmed off.

Rule for printing a parser error when the latest parser error is the I beg your pardon error:
	if the untrimmed command length is zero:
		say "I beg your pardon.";
		say "You hit space."

To decide what number is the untrimmed command length: (- UntrimmedCommandLength() -).

Include (-
[ UntrimmedCommandLength;
	return (buffer->1);
	return (buffer-->0);

I7’s syntax is built in phrases, not tokens. You may find the I7 syntax reference helpful – see the stickied I7 docs thread (Inform 7 documentation and resources).