Matching Items in Ask/Tell


I want to make a generic response for “asking” about all members of a particular kind, for example animals. I am able to get that working, but I can’t manage to figure how to place the specific animal asked about back into the response.

This is what I have (which doesn’t work):

Instead of asking Mr Black about “[any animal]”:
say “Mr. Black says he doesn’t even like [the animal].”

I tried “the noun” in the response and got “Mr Black”. I tried “the second noun” and got “nothing”.

I want to be able to have this work for a cat and a dog without having to write the rule twice.

Can anyone help?



You want:

say "Mr Black says he doesn't like [the topic understood]." Ask, tell and the like work with topics rather than nouns, so that the player can ask about things which aren’t objects in game.

Thanks a lot! I also had tried [the topic asked] and got a compilation error. This is a big help!

If you intend to have your conversation revolve around in-game objects rather than simply text-matching topics, you might find Eric Eve’s “Conversation Framework” extension useful. It adds two new actions, “quizzing it about” which is like asking but works on things, and “informing it about” which is like telling but for things. There are a number of add-ons for Conversation Framework that are useful too. I quite like Conversation Responses.