Mass passage title deletion from my story

Twine Version: 2.3.5
Story Format: sugarcube 2.30.0

Probably just a reminder to save early and save often and be careful, but I just did a find/replace on a common typo I was making and suddenly half my passages were without titles and more showed broken links. My best guess is that the problem was I was trying to change text inside links (ie [[Text|link]] to [[Text.|link]]).

I was able to export the file and then use notepad++ to manually re-add the titles. (find: name="", read the passage, put a close placeholder for title, then go back in twine after and fix all the broken links.)

No questions, just a heads up. So, that’s a thing.


If you can reproduce this problem, then you should report it, along with the exact steps, to the Twine Issues page so it can be fixed.

Thanks! :slight_smile: