Mary Ann Buckles


I am curious to know where I can get hold of Mary Ann Buckles dissertation entitled ‘Interactive Fiction: The Computer Storygame Adventure’.

Is it free, or do I need to pay for it?

If someone can pass me on a link to where I can get a copy I could be grateful.

Thank you in advance!

Apparently she threw away her own copy. Maybe her university still keeps a copy? (It’s U. Cal at San Diego,)

She threw away her copy and all of her academic papers, but lots of people have quoted it so I think copies have survived.

It looks like you can download a PDF from here for $37: … &VName=PQD

There may be better places, but that’s the most likely hit that came up from a quick search.


Some more googling and I came up with this: … ckles.html

I think this may be the version that was published in Byte magazine in 1987. At the end it says this is based on the thesis.