Mapping systems [I7]


Can anyone please point me in the direction of a mapping system? there used to be one that worked fairly well, I think on Windows, that used a grid and you could add rooms etc., and it would generate I7 code.

I can’t find it nor the computer I used to use it on :blush: and I’m now using an Ubuntu fork called “Zorin” for my main machine.

Any ideas?

Thanks :sunglasses:

IFMapper and Trizbort are two favourites.

GUEMap is good enough, too, if outdated.

Personally, I say go with Trizbort.

Trizbort lets you generate code so is probably the one you mean.

awesome, thank you both :smiley:

Ahh, IFMapper. I think that’s the one I used before, because, well, you know you’ve achieved something when IFMapper works. Installed it last night, 2 hours and 200Mb of wrestling with Ruby, RubyOnRails, RubyForSails, RubyOhRubyDon’tTakeYourLoveToTown, Gem, GemSparklyThings, FXRuby (yeah there’s a bug in that, but it’s a secret), sudo apt-get this, sudo chmod 999 /..x, 50 firefox tabs with obscure compiler errors and understand Partridge In A Pear Tree as a new kind of tree.

Love it :slight_smile:

Trizbort’s boring. Download onto Ubuntu, extract and run. Copy to Windows 8.1, extract and run. Pfft, that’s no challenge :wink:

Anyway, now I better design the Grand Vizier’s Palace :slight_smile:

My exact experience of Ruby! :smiley:


how sad that ruby has taken the java route to insanity :astonished:

First post on the forum.

Wow, Trizbort sure is ugly! OK, turning off the ‘hand drawn’ look is already better :slight_smile:

Got it to run on Ubuntu though, which I hadn’t managed ~1 year ago.

Is there a know way to make it ‘automap’ while you are playing on Ubuntu (I use Frotz, Fizmo or Gargoyle-free as my interpreters).

Trizbort’s automapping relies on the interpreter outputting the transcript in real-time.

I.e., if the interpreter you’re using only updates the transcript every other turn, or every fiive turns, or only when you quit… then you won’t get automap to work properly.

It’s all to do with the interpreters. I do not know anything about the Linux interpreters, but what you probably want to do is, start a transcript in a game, then type a command, then see if the transcript file is already updated with that command. If so - you’ve got what you wanted. If not, and none of the interpreters do this, you’re out of luck.

Cool, but how do I redirect the output into Trizbort?

I challenge thee: Create a wrapper winebottley-thing so Trizbort will run on a Mac.

Oh, I thought you were already using Trizbort’s automapping. It has an automapping feature, you turn it on and select the text file of the transcript you’re using. It will extrapolate, very intelligently (but not 100% without any faults whatsoever), a map based on the transcript.

There are a few caveats associated with this feature and its limitations, so you should read the help file to find out what they are.

:smiley: Thanks but getting Ruby working was enough of a challenge!