Mandatory Upgrade: X Marks the Spot

Greetings all!

I’m new to this forum, but I’ve been told that this is a good place to post this. I’ve recently released an interactive cyberpunk mystery story game called Mandatory Upgrade: X Marks the Spot. It’s a game that I’ve created using the StoryStylus engine from One More Story Games. I wouldn’t call it pure interactive fiction - it’s more of a hybrid between IF and graphical adventure - but I thought it might be of interest to this community.

I’d love it if you’d give it a look and give me some feedback. It is a commercial release, but the first part of the game is free to try. There’s also a tutorial available for the engine if it’s giving you trouble. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Thanks for your time. I hope you that enjoy my work!


One More Story Games: Game Details Page
Direct Game Link: X Marks the Spot

Congratulations on releasing your game!

I haven’t gotten very far into this, but I’m wishing for some UI refinements. It would be nice if long text were scrolling rather than paginated with links, for instance; and in general, moving through menus of information requires a lot of clicking, which is a bit high-friction given how many small snippets of separate text there are to look at.

I’d also enjoy it if the map either started out more zoomed out, or if there were an opening animation that allowed me to see it before coming into tighter close-up in a particular area, because it would be nice to have a sense for the overall shape of the building I’m exploring before I start navigating it. I don’t know whether those are things that are in your power to change or whether they’re baked into the StoryStylus tool.

Narratively, the opening makes me feel that perhaps I’m not meant to take things too seriously, what with the reference to the protagonist having only Hunt the Wumpus experience as a qualification to do this work.

Thanks! It feels pretty great. :smiley:

Some good suggestions here. They’re outside of my control as they’re baked into the engine, but I’ll pass them along to the OMSG team. They’re actively seeking feedback on StoryStylus and have been really great about implementing suggested changes, so I’m sure they’ll be excited about the feedback.

Hmm. That’s meant to be a reference to previous events from before the story begins, but it looks like it’s not working too well. I’ll have to adjust that.

Thanks so much for your feedback!