Managing dependencies for a TADS3 module/library

Is there any way to specify dependencies in a module/library’s .tl file?

For example if I have a library that requires pathfind.t from adv3/adv3lite. The “obvious” approach is to just add -source pathfind to the .t3m used to build the game that’s using the library. But that’s…messy. What I’m wondering is if there’s some what to flag the dependency so that it’ll get added automagically by the compiler when you include the library via -lib [library].

One solution I can think of is to just include a copy of the files in the library itself, and then just adding them to the .tl like all of the source files for the library. So something like:

name:  foozle library
source: pathfind
source: foozleActions
source: foozleObjs
source: foozleSomethingElse

But that requires redistributing a specific version of some file from the TADS3 distro. Which isn’t a huge problem (although it obviously has consequences for licensing for the library), but it also feels like a kludge.

My suspicion is that this is something that’s just going to be kludgey because separate compilation/the TADS3 make process isn’t that sophisticated. But I figured it was worth asking.


Sorry, I’ve got nothing there… seems like it would have been mentioned in the docs though, if there was?

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