Mammoth Vacuum Button of Death

Hi there,

This is my first completed IF game. It’s incredibly short, and a bit silly, but I would really appreciate some feedback, and ways to improve pretty much any aspect of it. It’s also been entered into the Speed IF comp.

I made it in ADRIFT 4 in two hours, so you’ll need the runner (3.9 and 5 runner doesn’t work) or gargoyle.

Also, I’m only 17, so don’t be too harsh on it :slight_smile:

Hope you enjoy,
File is attached
Mammoth Vacuum Button of (8.26 KB)

You may wish to upload this to the ADRIFT Adventures page at, and consider joining/starting up a conversation about your game on the ADRIFT Forum.

Strange game, although it seemed to work ok in v5 for me. Was there anything specific that didn’t work?

Campbell, you might have tried it with the patch you PM’d me about. When I tried this game with my installed version of ADRIFT, I got the same error I PM’d you about.