Making a Table

I want to make a table of an airplane manifest including about 100 names. In my game, you have to click something to view the whole manifest on the computer. Not sure how you’d do that. But right now, all I have is:

John’s computer is an object in the Control Tower.

Table of Manifest.
“1” "John Jansen
“2” “Hank Williams”

…The List goes on.

I need a lot of help please.

It depends on how you want the list of people to be presented to the player. If you just want the names to be listed one per line without any other special processing, that should be fairly easily. Something like this will do it:

Instead of touching John's computer: say "The names on the manifest are as follows:[paragraph break]"; repeat through table of manifest: say "[name entry][line break]".
Note also that you should give your Table headers. Something like this:

Table of Manifest a number name "1" "John Jansen" "2" "Hank Williams"

Also, you probably don’t want the numbers to be in quotation marks.